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Are You Dependable?

It has been often said that the greatest ability is availability. It is not the ability to run fast or jump high, dance or sing, preach or prophecy. It is availability.

For while those other abilities are great, their impact is minimal if we are either unable or unwilling to use them. Think about that. Lebron James is a great basketball player who can do a lot of things on the court but those talents are minimized if he is unavailable. Beyoncé is a great entertainer who can sing, dance and act but those talents are minimized if she is unavailable. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a great innovator that has revolutionized the online shopping industry but those talents are minimized if he is unavailable.

You see, availability is the spring board for dependability. It says that you can trust me. I am here for you. You can count on me.

And there are employers who are looking for people who are dependable. Not just super talented people, but talented people who are also dependable. There are children who are looking for parents who are dependable. Not the perfect parent. Not the neighborhood parent. Not the rich parent. But the dependable parent. There are ministries who are looking for people who are dependable. Not just spiritually gifted. Not just someone who can quote some scriptures. Not just someone who is musically gifted. But someone who is dependable. There are men and women out there looking for spouses who are dependable. Not merely good looking. Not merely intelligent. Not merely personable. But when the fire extinguisher of life puts out the flames of romance, are you dependable?

People want to know “are you dependable”? Can we count on you to do what you said you were going to do? Can we count on you when we need someone to talk to? Can we count on you to think like a leader and proactively address the issues of ministry? Can we count on you to go above and beyond that which you were asked to do?

In Timothy and Epaphroditus, Paul found two dependable people. Timothy was a man with a similar mentality as Paul. He was not concerned about promoting his own self-interest. Instead, he had a heart for Jesus and His people. (Philippians 2:19-21) Therefore, when Paul sent Timothy on a mission, he did not have to worry about him. They were like minded. He had a good idea of how Timothy would react to any situation that arose.

In addition, Timothy had a proven worth. (Philippians 2:25) For over 10 years, he served with Paul on the mission field. He demonstrated that he was more than potential. He was someone you could depend on to accomplish the mission regardless of the circumstances.

As you already know, talk is cheap and potential gets old. Anybody can talk about what they are going to do while looking the part. But talk and potential can only take us so far. There comes a time in our lives when our actions must reveal that the trials of life can punch us in the nose but they will not stop us from completing the mission.

Epaphroditus demonstrated this principle as he risked his life to deliver the offering sent to Paul by the Philippians. (Philippians 2:29) He did not allow a potentially fatal sickness to stop him. He persevered. He demonstrated that he was dependable.

How about you? Are you dependable? Can your family, friends and church count on you to complete the mission? Or, are you a super-talented individual with self-destructive tendencies that prevent you from completing the mission? Are you constantly wrestling with some mental, physical, spiritual or emotional issue that prevents you from being reliable?

If so, it does not have to be this way. In Christ Jesus, the ultimate example of dependability, you can win the fight over self-destructive behavior. He says “come, let me help you”. I Got You.


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