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He Will Finish What He Has Started

We Are Relational Creatures Yearning For Authentic Relationship

We are relational creatures. There is something on the inside of each one of us that yearns for authentic relationship with the God who has created us as well as with our fellow brothers and sisters. As we laugh and cry, we want to share our lives with one another. We want to love and to be loved. We want to celebrate the victories of life as well as overcome the inevitable trials and tribulations of life together. Essentially, we want to have meaningful relationships that enrich our lives.

However, have you noticed that whenever we experience the inevitable trials and tribulations of life, one of the first things to suffer is our ability to interact with our loved ones in a positive productive manner? Have you noticed that the stress from these situations adversely affects our relationships?

For some of us, that stress is expressed in the form of short emotionless responses. You ask us a question and we provide you with a stoic one-word response. You say “how was your day”? We respond “good”. What did you do? “Nothing.”

For others, our stress is expressed from the other end of the spectrum. We lash out at our loved ones. We say things to our spouse to “put them in their place”. We say mean and harsh things to our children in the name of “discipline”. We say harsh things to our friends under the disguise of “keeping it real”.

That is why I love the below quote…

It Is The Way In Which We Handle The Inevitable Trials And Tribulations Of Life That Directly Determines The Level Of Peace And Joy We Will Have In Our Lives.

We cannot prevent every trial from occurring. However, we can strive to handle them in such a way that it strengthens our relationships.

Paul Shows Us How To Handle Our Inevitable Trials In An Empowering Way.

Paul provides us with an example in his letter to the Philippians. Instead of allowing his wrongful imprisonment to create tension in his relationship with the Philippians, Paul expresses joy and heartfelt affection. (Philippians 1:3-5, 7, 8)

On one occasion, he says

For I Am Confident Of This Very Thing, That He Who Began A Good Work In You Will Perfect It Until The Day Of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

Paul is confident that the One, God the Father, who started the work of salvation in us will complete it. The Holy Spirit will utilize his spiritual scalpel to cut us open and remove the sin, anger, malice, stubbornness, selfishness and laziness that so easily besets us. And He will replace it with grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, confidence, power, perseverance and an unquenchable thirst for him.

He is not like the person who promised to help us but then abandoned us. He will finish what He has started.

But Here Is The Key, We Gotta Stay In The Race.

During hard times, we gotta stay in the race. During the frustrating times, we gotta stay in the race. During the times in which it does not make since to us, we gotta stay in the race.

There was an Olympian by the name of Derek Redmond who exemplified these sentiments. In 1992, he was in contention to win a medal in the 400-meter sprint until his hamstring popped. Determined to finish what he had started, Derek got up and began to limp towards the finish line. The race officials tried to remove him from the track but he ignored them. He was determined to finish what he had started.

As he made his way down the straight away, an older gentleman dressed in a white shirt and blue shorts pushed through the security and made his way onto the track. He grabbed Derek’s left arm and raised it up and around his neck. He then began to help Derek finish what he had started. The man was his father. Together, they crossed the finish line.

Will You Stay In The Race?

In the same manner, the Father wants to finish what He has started in you. Will you let Him? Will you stay in the race?


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